Research & Publications

Grassroots Journalism: A Resource Book of Development Journalism, Year of publication: 2010, Publisher: ActionAid International.

Community Development-Sponsorship-Communication 1

Community Development through Child Sponsorship training manual, Year of publication: 2009, Publisher: ActionAid International.

Livelihoods of the Santals: Contemporary Change Dynamics, Year of publication: 2006, Publisher: Centre for Advance Social Studies (CASS), Dhaka

Preface of Livelihoods of the Santals:

Findings at a Glance through photography:

Video Documentary on Invigorating Child Sponsorship, Year of Production: 2010 

“Socio-Political Exclusion of Untouchable People of the South West Part of Bangladesh”, Year of publication: 2008. The Journal of Social Studies, no.117. Publisher: Centre for Social Studies, Dhaka

Little Artists: Their Struggles and Creativity, Year of publication: 2008, Publisher: ActionAid Bangladesh.