Community Development Practice: Join us as Contributor

Dear Educators, Community Development Practitioners and Social Workers,

I am pleased to inform you that we are developing an Open Educational Resource (OER) titled Community Development Practice: From Canadian and Global Perspectives. We invite you to contribute to this digital book to promote learning, social justice, and transformative community development practice worldwide.

Community Development Practice is a resource book for students, social workers, and community leaders. The author and contributors have defined key concepts in this book and discussed theories, models, frameworks, and tools applied in community development practice in Canada and globally. The author used images, videos, and podcasts in each chapter to make this book purely digital, accessible, and interesting for readers. Academicians, practitioners, and community activists from Canada and worldwide have contributed to this book. 

Please email your work/contribution at by *August 20, 2022 
(*Deadline extended due to the requests from Contributors)

Topic(s) You may consider:
– A Community Development Story/Case Study (approximately 1000 words) with relevant images/videos
– A Chapter on Community Development Practice-Please contact me for details at

Use of Image: You can share relevant images taken by you, or the photos do not have any copyright. Please provide a caption to each image to describe the message to the audience.  

Why this initiative: 
The purpose of this #OER is to:  
-Promote participatory, human rights, and social justice-oriented community development practice  
-Provide students with a transformative learning experience  
– Reduce students’ costs and support them for success  
– To create learning and sharing opportunities for CD practitioners 
-To create an online and free, and accessible resource for learners and CD practitioners in Canada and across the world   

Your benefit: 
– Your name/agency name will appear in this book as a “Contributor” and Chapter writer.  
– Each year at least 300 students of the Social Work/Social Service Worker program at Centennial College will read your contribution and engage in academic discussion. 
– Thousands of community development practitioners will review and use your resources in Canada and worldwide.   

Quality Assurance and Process of finalizing your work/contribution: 
We will engage peer reviewers to review your work, request their feedback, and share it with you if needed.   

Meet our Peer Reviewer and Contributor Team: 

Jennifer Woodill, Chair, Community Services, Centennial College 
Agnes Thomas, Ph.D. Thomas, Executive Director, CCS
Naheed M. Ahmed, Program Specialist- UN Women 
Sama Bassidj, MSW, RSW, Professor, Centennial College 
S. M. Monjur Rashid, Head of Advocacy, BRAC

If you have any questions or for details, please let me know at

Dr. Hasan Mahbub BSW, MSW, M.Phil. Ph.D.
Professor, Centennial College
Toronto, Canada

#CommunityDevelopment #SocialWork #SocialJustice #HumanRights #Advocacy


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