Areas of Expertise

A development professional with over 12 years experience working with children, youth, women and volunteers. Experienced in conducting research and needs analysis for the purpose of designing & developing educational, wellness & cultural programs geared towards youth and marginalized community members. Demonstrated knowledge and skills in the areas of volunteer and staff management, training, mentoring, community development, corporate communications and strategic planning. Committed to anti-oppressive and humanitarian work. Ability to work cooperatively in a team environment with excellent interpersonal, communication and organizational skills.


  • Community Development
  • Outreach, Advocacy & Networking
  • Fundraising & grant Management
  • Project Management
  • Program Development
  • Training, Facilitation & Mentoring
  • Communications & Social Media
  • Strategic Planning
  • Volunteer Management and staff supervision
  • Event Management
  • Research & Evaluation
  • Report Writing
  • Data Management
  • Advance Computer Skills