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Podcasting Social Work
is a platform for educators, learners, social workers, and activists to share their stories, knowledge, and skills to empower communities and transform lives. I am very happy to create this podcat platform which is now broadcasted by 09 medias such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, RadioPublic, Spotify, Anchor. Please click any of the broadcasters to listen to my podcasts.

Why Podcasting Social Work!

  • Podcast is considered as an important tool for learning and teaching in higher education.
  • Drive a technology-enabled learning environment.
  • Inspire deeper relational and enlightened practices in our community to critically confront and disrupt systemic bias.
  • My passion for innovation and social media.

My podcast episodes are focusing on various topics such as social, economic, cultural, and environmental issues; and various social work practices to address poverty, marginalization, and injustice across the world. Moreover, my podcast episodes also focusing on teaching pedagogy, reflective practice, self-care, mindfulness, global citizenship, social justice and internationalization in higher education.

Podcasting Social Work So Far!

  • Created a technology-enabled learning environment
  • Incorporated in two courses at SSW program, Centennial College
  • Engaging Centennial students, educators, and staff for spreading ideas, knowledge and sharing stories to confront and disrupt systemic bias, and promote social justice
  • Helping to build relationship with communities and agencies
  • Played over 2700 times (May 2021)
  • Audiences are mainly from Canada, USA, Australia, Bangladesh, UK and Norway.

Community, Activists, Agencies Engagement with Podcasting Social Work: 

“I wanted to reach out to see if you have interest in featuring myself or someone from our social service agency ( on your podcast about Social Return on Engagement™; telling the powerful story of engagement”. Please check out this episode at Anchor or Apple Podcasts

Com engagement

Ms Jennifer Woodill, Chair-Community Services, Centennial College, participated in Podcasting Social Work and discussed on Reflective Practice in Teaching. Please click here to listen this episode. 

Podcast with Jen

Mr. Hardy Merriman, President ICNC -USA based human rights organization, participated in Podcasting Social Work and discussed on the integration of civil resistance study and social work for democracy, good governance and social change. ICNC published this episode in their website. Please click here to listen.

Hardy and Podcasting Social Work

Two social workers from Aspen Family Services, one of the leading social service agencies of Alberta, shared their project titled Social Return on Engagement and also discussed self care strategies during COVID 19. Please click here to listen this episode.

Mr. Arif Rahman, CEO YPSA-one of the largest community agencies of Bangladesh, participated in Podcasting Social Work and shared their humanitarian response for Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh. YPSA published this episode in their website. Please click here to listen.

Sam, a placement student of Centennial College, and Tom, Counsellor at GWEK Manitoulin Island, participated in Podcasting Social Work and discussed on the importance of Land-based treatment for youth experiencing mental health and addiction issues. Please click here to listen.

Land based Counselling

Recently Ma Pia Catherine Cuadra, a graduating student of the Social Service Worker (SSW) program at Centennial College joined me at Podcasting Social Work. This podcast episode was on Community Development where we discussed on principles, process and importance of community development in Social Work. You can listen it at Apple Podcasts  or Anchor   

Podcast on CD- Conversation by Dr. Hasan and Ma Pia SSW program

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