Community Development Practice: From Canadian and Global Perspectives

An Open Educational Resource
by Dr. Mahbub Hasan MSW, Ph.D.

Community Development Practice is a resource book for students, social workers and community leaders. The author and contributors have defined key concepts in this book and discussed theories, models, frameworks, and tools applied in community development practice in Canada and globally. The author used images, videos, and podcasts in each chapter to make this book purely digital, accessible, and interesting for readers. Academics, Community Development practitioners, and community activists from Canada and worldwide have contributed to this book.

Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike

You will find Community Development Practice at

Community Development Practice: From Canadian and Global Perspectives-Foreword by Jennifer Woodill

Dear Readers & Community!


Thank you for your interest in Community Development Practice: From Canadian and Global Perspectives.

This Open Educational Resource (OER) is a practice guide for students, social workers, and community leaders. I am delighted to write and create Community Development Practice, a textbook for our Community Development Course (SSWR302) students at Centennial College.  In this book, myself as author as well as other contributors have defined key concepts, discussed theories, principles, and frameworks, and developed processes and tools to be applied in community development work practice. This resource book has incorporated community development stories, case studies, models, and practices from Canada, Asia, Africa, and the world. In each chapter, we have incorporated images with captions, videos, and podcasts to make this book digital, enjoyable, and connect the readers with the global community. 

My self and the contributors of this book have extensive work experience in community development in Canada and internationally, and currently work in leadership roles. We have shared our firsthand experiences in community practice in this book. We also have shared links to relevant academic and community development practice resources to address readers’ further learning needs.

To ensure quality and relevance, a team of experienced community development practitioners and educators provided advice and reviewed the content of this book. As a reader and user, you will have the opportunity to provide feedback in each chapter as this resource book is based on true community principles. We are committed to enhancing the quality of this resource book based on your contribution and feedback.

Finally, Community Development Practice: From Canadian and Global Perspectives is an open and free resource for students, community leaders, and social workers across the globe. Let us learn and work together to build our communities.

Enjoy reading!


Dr. Mahbub Hasan BSW, MSW, Ph.D.

Author, Community Development Practice: From Canadian and Global Perspectives.
Professor, Community Services Department
Centennial College, Toronto, Canada. 

September 2022.
Twitter: @drmhasan


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