Dr. Mahbub Hasan

Educator & Project Management Specialist

PhD in Anthropology

Mahbub Hasan awarded PhD degree from the University of Dhaka in 2010 for his research on poverty and governance issue titled “Well-being and Entitlement of People in Local Government System of Bangladesh: An Anthropological Study.” Participant observation was used as the principal method for this study. Besides, household survey, in-depth interview,  focus group discussion, PRA tools, audio-visual methods etc. used for this study. The study documented the present service delivery process of local government of Bangladesh. The study also captured people’s assessment on services and their aspiration from local government. Professor Dr. Zahidul Islam and Professor Dr. Anwarullah Chowdhury, founder chairman of department of Anthropology and former Vice-Chancellor, University of Dhaka jointly supervised the thesis.


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