Dr. Mahbub Hasan

Educator & Project Management Specialist

Education & Training

Hasan with his M.Phil and Ph.D supervisors along with M.Phil publication and Ph.D thesis

Mahbub Hasan obtained Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts Degrees in History, M.Phil in Ethno-History and Ph.D in Anthropology from the University of Dhaka, the oldest and the biggest public university of Bangladesh. His academic credentials were assessed by Comparative Education Service of University of Toronto in November 2010 and they have been recognized as equivalent in academic level to the standards of a Canadian University.

Bachelor of Arts

Mahbub Hasan graduated 1994. He stood 3rd out of 93 students.  He studied history of South Asia (part 1 & 2), history of Bengal, history & world civilization, history of Europe, history of Islamic civilization, history of USA and imperialism & nationalism in Asia & Africa for Bachelor of Arts degree. He also studied Sociology and Political Science as subsidiary subjects. In sociology he studied Cultural Anthropology, Principles of Sociology, Sociology of Bangladesh, and in Political Science he studied Political Theory, Principles of Political Organization, Government and Politics in Bangladesh.

Master of Arts

Mahbub Hasan had his Masters degree in Modern History in 1996. He studied contemporary history of Europe & America since 1919, history of Far East, history of Africa and historiography for Masters Degree. He stood 1st out of 109 students.

M.Phil in Ethno-History

Mahbub Hasan awarded M.Phil degree in 2003. “Changing Lifestyles of the Santals of the Barind Tract” is the title of his M.Phil thesis. The study was conducted on the Santals, the second largest ethnic community of Bangladesh.

Ph.D in Anthropology

Dr.Hasan awarded Ph.D degree in 2010 for his research on the governance issue entitled “Well-being and Entitlement of People in Local Government System of Bangladesh: An Anthropological Study.”


Hasan participated various trainings on project management, fundraising, community development, hostel management, research methodology, communications and social media. Please click on the link https://drmahbubhasan.wordpress.com/education-2/professional-development/ for detailed information.