Dr. Mahbub Hasan

Educator & Project Management Specialist

Toronto Community Housing Board of Directors Election, May 2011

on May 18, 2011

“Dear Dr. Hasan, I am very glad to see your profile as you are the best qualified candidate from the short list.  Your education places you far ahead of the other candidates. .. I am happy to endorse you”. -Tenant Leader, Central Sherbourne

Dr. Hasan in CBC News


 A Message for your Solidarity & Support

Dear Friends and Colleagues:


It is my great pleasure to introduce myself as one of the candidates for Board of Directors of Toronto Community Housing. As a resident of Regent Park and Toronto Community Housing I feel very proud.

I strongly believe that safe neighbourhoods and homes lead to economic stability and prosperity and affordable housing leads to development. I am very proud to count myself as a tenant of Toronto Community Housing and I am very appreciative of the great work and your spirit of Volunteerism that make our living healthy and happy.

My educational background and work experience inspired me to become a candidate for the Board of Members of Toronto Community Housing.  As a board member, my responsibility will be to work for providing affordable housing, connecting tenants to services and opportunities, and working together to build healthy communities.

I am a highly involved and people-oriented person. I intend to strengthen partnership between tenants and staff.  I will work for effective service engagement and support the board in developing sensitive and need based programs. My aim is to provide every tenant and every building with information in order to access services in the community.

I will influence the board to appropriately recognize and appreciate tenant representatives and youth leaders for their contribution in community development. 

Therefore, your kind support, solidarity and VOTE are very important for me to amplify your VOICE for a safe and better living in Toronto. 


Dr. Mahbub Hasan
Candidate for Board of Directors
Toronto Community Housing
Ph: 647 980 2520
E-mail: dr.hasan_m@hotmail.com



2 responses to “Toronto Community Housing Board of Directors Election, May 2011

  1. Farzana Islam says:

    I attended the candidates meeting for the tenant board members nd I was really inspired by ur speech on that day. You seem to be one of the best candidate for this position because of your skills nd experiences. I believe you are the candidate who can represent the TCHC tenants in best way. You are visionary about Toronto and you would bring great change in our Toronto community housing. I hope all youths like me would support you nd RAISE their voice.
    Good luck Dr. Hassan.

  2. Safiqur Akon says:

    I have read your portfolio and your message for your solidarity and support article, and I have to say I am very impressed about your enthusiastic, leadership, and inspiration you will bring if you are elected as a board of director for Toronto Community Housing. I wish you good luck on your election to be on the board of director, and hope you will represent the voices of youths living in Toronto housing.

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